Become a driver for Central Coast Taxis and help make a difference!

Hire a taxi, interact with the community and be do your part for the Industry!

Join our fleet of sedans, wagons, maxi taxis and wheelchair taxis and become apart of the Network who assist all types of transportation needs across the Central Coast. We cover from the Hawkbury Bridge up to Catherine Hill bay and out west as far as Spencer.

Each vehicle that is hired is fitted with the latest GPS and security cameras, MTi dispatch system for allocating taxi requests submitted by the public and facilities that enable eftpos and TTSS payments. Central Coast Taxis welcome the use of TTSS smartcards, DVA vouchers, eftpos cards and cash.

The NSW Taxi Council are now conducting the training session online! You can use your computer, smart phone or tablet all in the comfort of your own home.

Central Coast Local Taxi

To be eligible to drive a taxi in NSW you must meet the following:

  • Have held an Australian Driver Licence for at least 12 months in the previous 4 years (if you have a driver licence in another state you will need to provide evidence of that)
  • Be at least 20 years old
  • Be medically fit to drive a passenger transport vehicle (Service NSW determine this)
  • $120.00 which covers your training, National Crime Check and the cost of printing your identity card

To become a taxi driver, follow the steps below:


Your first step is to attend your nearest Service NSW registry and complete this form for the Passenger Transport Licence Code (T011 code) to be applied to your licence.

If deemed medically “fit” and safe to drive a Point to Point Transport Passenger Vehicle, Service NSW staff will notify you that you have been successful and a Passenger Transport Code (PTP Code or T Condition) will be applied to your current NSW Drivers Licence in the Roads & Maritime Service System. This code begins with a ‘T’. To understand why this process has changes, please visit the Point to Point Transport for further information. 


Once you are deemed eligible, you will need the following documents to being the application process and to submit a Crime Check (must submit a new check at the time of application).

  • Driver licence – must be unrestricted for 12 months in the last two years
  • Australian Birth Certificate, Citizenship OR current Australian Passport
    *Any applicant who is not an Australian citizen will need to provide a VEVO check for Right to Work
  • Medicare card (to establish identity for National Crime Check)
  • Debit / Credit card (to establish identity for National Crime Check and pay training fee)


Start the online application by clicking below!

Become A Driver